2023 Nehemiah Action

On March 27th, 27 members and friends of our congregation’s justice ministry gathered at Indian Rocks Baptist Church along with over a thousand other people of faith across different Pinellas County denominations to do the work of biblical justice: calling on elected officials to make our community a fair and safe place to live for all of God’s people. The officials present agreed to take action on the declining water quality issues in our community, and to work towards changing rules that end up causing thousands of unnecessary arrests of people who make minor, non-dangerous mistakes like unknowingly driving with a suspended license. In fact, two elected officials even shared their own family stories about how their lives were impacted by these laws. Our community’s elected officials are used to hearing from special interest groups with lobbyists and large budgets, but this time, people showed up armed with faith and their own stories. Everyone who came out helped steer our county in a more faithful direction. You can read an article about the event in the Tampa Bay Times.