Worship is central to who we are as people of God. It is where we are found, formed, fed, and freed.

  • We worship at 9:45am on Sunday mornings in person or online here.
  • Additionally, during the season of Lent, Wednesday evening services are held.

Lutheran Worship
As a member of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America, Good Shepherd is a liturgical church. This means our worship is traditional in form, but creatively adapted by using variable parts of the Lutheran liturgy in musical settings. We follow the ancient Christian calendar, which divides the year into seasons related to the life of Christ. Beginning with the Advent season before Christmas, we follow the gospel story through to the Passion of our Lord and His resurrection at Easter.

Holy Communion
The center of our worship service is the celebration in Word and Sacrament of the Eucharist, the Greek word for Thanksgiving. We believe that Jesus Christ is truly present when we partake of bread and wine at communion, and we offer prayers of thanksgiving for all that God has given us. We invite all Christian believers to join us in taking communion.

An important event that occasionally takes place during worship is the baptism of infants and adults. This is the prayer of re-birth, whereby one becomes a member of the Christian Church and a new creature in Christ. We believe that it marks us forever as a child of God.

All Are Welcome!
People of all ages and backgrounds are invited to worship. Children are welcome in worship and are a part of worship, although we do provide a separate space for children and their parents, which has a speaker that broadcasts the services. Faithworks (our version of Sunday School where kids and families learn about putting faith to work) begins at 9am.

The Word
The heart of our faith is the marvelous grace of God, which frees us from our burdens and saves us for service to God and to one another. In the sermons preached here, and in our musical offerings of hymns and anthems, you are likely to hear words of hope and forgiveness, rooted in the promises of God.