Tech for Humans Bible Study

What effects has technology had on your life? From air conditioning to smartphones to live-streaming worship, our lives are filled with technology that no biblical author ever knew. Some of the ways we use technology have been good for us, and some of the ways have been bad, but technology is never neutral.

The study will explore the ways technology shapes us while looking to the Bible for guidance. Instead of being a live study, each week the pastor’s presentation will be available for you to watch on your own time, and you will be invited to respond to the presentation and to one another online. (That’s right, we’re using a different technology … let’s see how it shapes us.)

The videos will be made available each Wednesday morning in Lent beginning the week after Ash Wednesday and can be seen on Facebook or on Good Shepherd’s website.

If you’ve attended in the past, you’ll automatically receive an email on Wednesdays with the link to begin, but if you’re new, click the link below.

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Here’s a running list of books and other resources I’ve used in this study…